According to the Environment Agency, Waste Crime is becoming more organised.  The regulator published its annual Regulating for People, the Environment and Growth (RPEG) report which sets out the regulatory performance of businesses holding environmental permits in England.

The report shows that 93% of the 14,000 businesses regulated by the EA demonstrated good compliance with their environmental permit conditions.  However, Businesses which harmed the environment faced record penalties.

Waste Crime blights communities, causes environmental harm and undercuts legitimate businesses.  The Environment Agency is closing more than two illegal waste sites every day but discovering a similar number of new illegal sites.

The report acknowledges waste crime is becoming more organised and that more needs to be done to tackle the problem.

The Executive Director of the Environment Agency, Harvey Bradshaw, said that over 800 illegal waste sites had been closed down and the courts had imposed record levels of fines on companies for environmental offences.  He stated that the EA are committed to supporting businesses to innovate and grow, and expected businesses to take their responsibilities for protecting the environment seriously.

From an article in CIWM Journal, November 2018

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