AM Environmental Management have long standing close relationships with a network of waste management companies which enables us to offer national coverage in all areas of waste disposal and recycling solutions.

With over 30 years in the chemical and waste management industry, our chemist Anne-Marie Pheasant has experience in a wide variety of all types of work relating to waste management.

AM Environmental have built up good relationships with other experts, suppliers and specialists and have produced a national database which contains more than 5,000 customers and suppliers. We supply full audit trails and will only use disposal sites that have passed our BS EN ISO 14001 compliant site audits. For each waste movement, we supply our customers with a full audit trail and Certificate of Disposal.

Annually we supply all the licences of all the sites of suppliers that we have used on your behalf so that you comply with the stringent rules and regulations that govern waste management.


Our Chemist will visit your site if required to:

  • Advise
  • Identify
  • Recommend solutions
  • Provide guidance through legislation
  • Provide labelling and packaging service
  • Produce and complete the required audit trail
  • Maintain records beyond the required period