Duty of Care

The key to compliant waste management is a comprehensive audit and paper trail.
AM Environmental Management:

  • Utilise their extensive nationwide database
  • Work to BS EN ISO 14001 standards
  • Use an automated Consignment Note and Duty of Care Transfer Note System
  • Always provide a Certificate of Disposal
  • Provide annual Premises Code Reminders
  • Annually update customers with appropriate licences and permits

Extract from White Lane Consultancy audit of AM Environmental Management Limited – March 2011

“AM Environmental maintains a database of several thousand waste producers and contractors and is able to make suitable arrangements for most types of waste. Comprehensive manual and electronic records are kept, covering every stage from initial enquiry to final disposal and providing a reliable audit trail for every waste transaction. Upon receipt of the completed Consignment Note, AM Environmental provides a Certificate of disposal, retaining the relevant Consignment Note, weighbridge tickets etc as evidence.


The auditor is satisfied that AM Environmental are both authorised and competent to manage the specified wastes from our client.”