AM Environmental Management have developed a national database of suppliers to source the most cost effective solutions and recycling options for you.


Fridges, freezers, computers, printer cartridges, televisions, monitors, keyboards, redundant machinery,in fact – anything with a plug on it!


AM Environmental are able to help you to segregate and negotiate, in order that you can sell your plastic waste.

Wood & Composting

Wood can be re-used in many different forms or the energy recovered. Composting is the process of breaking organic material into useable natural fertilizer for soil and plants


Batteries need to be disposed of carefully and responsibly. AM Environmental offer a nationwide collection service.

Metal & Tyres

Virtually all metals can be recycled into high quality new metal. We can collect tyres nationally.

Cardboard & Paper

AM Environmental offer help and advice about how you can segregate, bale and recycle your cardboard and paper. We offer a nationwide collection service.


AM Environmental offer a variety of collection and disposal services, or an on-site service where we crush your tubes and lamps for you.


AM Environmental can offer collections of small containers, drums, IBCs or in a bulk tanker. Oil can be recycled or the energy recovered.


AM Environmental sources community resource and environmental charities who collect businesses redundant re-usable materials.