With Plastic Pollution increasingly clogging the oceans, many of us are trying to reduce our use of plastic.

Here are some tips from recycling experts at JunkHunters:

  1. Think Before Buying: Avoid buying single use plastics such as water bottles and avoid fruit & veg packed in plastic.  Buy loose produce from the fresh counters.
  2. Invest in a Strong Reusable Bag: Put back into the car once you have unpacked the shopping so that it is ready to use again and doesn’t get left behind on your next shop.
  3. Buy in Bulk: Buying food in bulk helps to reduce the amount of packaging used.
  4. Avoid Ready Meals: Cook from scratch at home to reduce buying takeaways and ready meals plastic packaging.
  5. Avoid Wet Wipes: These are made with plastic resins e.g. polyester.  They are responsible for clogging drains when flushed down the toilet.
  6. Use Naked Toiletries: Some retailers sell toiletries with no packaging such as bars of shampoo and soap.
  7. Refuse Straws: Use paper and non-plastic straws rather than plastic ones.