Don’t Step on a Bee Day is the special day of the year when people get together to learn about the importance of protecting and caring for bees. In 2018 Don’t Step on a Bee Day takes part on July 10th and a number of special events will be organised to help bring people together and educate them on different ways that they can change their bee-haviour.


Many people have an instinct when they see bees to try and shoo them away or even kill them. This is caused by fear, as when they feel threatened bees can cause a rather painful sting. However, this sting is the last resort of bees who feel that their life is endanger as stinging someone will actually cause the bee to die.


A number of different types of events will be organised on Don’t Step on the Bee Day 2018. The humble bee will pay a starring role during these events and people will learn about the importance of the bee for products that they offer such as honey and beeswax, and learn about how to take care of bees.


One great way that people can help preserve bees in the United Kingdom is to make sure that they only purchase locally produced honey rather than honey that is imported. People can plant special flowers in their gardens that are especially attractive to bees, while creating a bee hotel in your garden will help provide bees with a safe place to rest when they are away from their hives.