Reusable BeeBee food wraps are made from organic cotton infused with beeswax, rosin and jojoba oil.  Made by BeeBee Wraps, based in Cambridge, the wraps are reusable.  Just wash after use and they are ready to use again.  Each wrap lasts about a year, after which they can be burned as a firelighter or composted.

Founder of BeeBee Wraps, Kath Austin developed the wraps as a means of reducing waste from plastic packaging.  In the centuries before plastic, waxed cloth had been a common method of preserving food.  Austin ripped up old bedsheets and bought a small block of wax from a local beekeeper and started to experiment.  After months of trial and error using difference formulas in her kitchen, she created the first BeeBee Wrap.

Last year the company worked with Sky Ocean Rescue to create wraps designed by Cara Delevigne, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Fearne Cotton for the #PassOnPlastic Campaign and is working with Abel & Cole, the organic food delivery service.

The company tries to be as sustainable as possible, and uses wax from British bees.

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