A technology innovation to make headlines recently has been the ‘helpful’ recycling incentive app, which was launched in London in January.

After downloading the free app, users can identify single-use items, such as plastic bottles and coffee cups with their Smartphone camera. The app supplies information about the type of material and suggests where the item can be recycled at facilities nearest. After recycling the item, users receive a Helpful ‘coin’ that can be redeemed against a range of eco-friendly products.

Canary Wharf Group in London is piloting the scheme for employees and guests across the estate, with the aim of stimulating long-term behavioural change.

Currently, the app recognises more than 40 bottled water-brands – including Evian, Buxton and Volvic – and coffee cups from 35 chains, including Starbucks and Costa. Fizzy drinks, such as Coca-Cola and Fanta, are expected to be added in the coming months


Taken from: ciwm-journal.co.uk

February 2019