AM Environmental work with other Waste Management Companies to endorse the services they are able to offer.

Value:      £30,000
Duration: 3 months

When disposal site Premier Environmental was declared insolvent, AM Environmental were asked to send in a team of suitably trained chemists to undertake the site clearance.

The site clean up of the Transfer Station required a specialist team in order to identify thousands of drums and laboratory chemicals that had built up on site over a period of several years.

Each chemical needed to be correctly identified under controlled conditions, then segregated, packaged, labelled and transported for onward disposal, and so a temporary laboratory was set up complete with fume cupboard to undertake this operation.

The chemicals identified included cyanides, spontaneously explosive materials, flammables, oxidisers, gas cylinders, radioactives, strong acids and alkalis, acidic cyanides, asbestos, highly reactive mixtures, dry picric aids, bio-hazardous materials and drugs, to name but a few of the potentially lethal cocktail.

Cleanaway required AM Environmental to work a shift pattern to speed up the operation to minimise the potential environmental impact on the local area.

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