How to find AM Environmental Management Limiteds carriers licence on

A few of our clients have let us know that they are finding it difficult to find out carriers licence on the government website. This seems to be because you need to enter the company name exactly as shown on the website to get a hit.

To access details of our carriers licence

  • visit
  • Half way down the page under ‘Waste carrier, dealer and broker licences’ click on Waste Carriers register
  • In the ‘Quick check’ box enter ‘A.M. Environmental Management’ – do remember to add in the full stops as you will not get the correct information without them.
  • Our details are 4th down on the list.
  • If you click on the registration number CBDU45579 you will be taken to a page with the full details.

If you are still experiencing problems please ring 01275854641 or email for further assistance.