In January 2018 the regulations for Ionising Radiation changed and the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017, came into force.  These regulations require employers to apply to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) before they start certain work with Ionising radiation.  Over 18,500 companies have already notified; however HSE is aware that there are more businesses that still need to formally declare their use of radiation.   If your business uses radiation and has not notified HSE you should do so as soon as possible; use of radiation without a current declaration is breaking the law.

Depending on the level of risk of exposure to Ionising radiation work you do you may need to apply to:

  • notify
  • register
  • get consent

This is known as the ‘graded approach’ as what you apply for depends on the size and likelihood of radiation exposure.  Declarations should be made via an online portal  even if your business has already done so under previous legislation.

Applications can be submitted by an authorised employee, but can’t be submitted by a third party; however a business’s radiation protection adviser can help advise on an application.   Information about your legal duties along with the T&Cs can be found here

If you need to contact the Health and Safety Executive before you apply to notify, register or get consent, please email: