AM Environmental sent out Easter Wishes in a poetic form this year:

Do you have any refuse you need to discard?

Any hazardous waste in your stores or your yard?

We may not bring eggs (unlike this Easter bunny)

But we’ll take your waste and could save you some money!

Please give us a call and we’ll quote you a price –

We offer great service and useful advice

So bear us in mind when the moment arises –

Just like chocolate eggs, we are full of surprises!


…and one of our wonderful replies was the following:

Dear Anne-Marie – thanks for the note,

If we have any waste I’ll ask for a quote,

I’ll pass this on to person who deals,

With all of our waste, who often quite feels,

That no one will help remove all the trash,

I’m sure that you’d help for a small bit of cash,

So if I hear of some help they require on our site,

They’ll be on the phone in the day or the night,

So until they call I would like to say,

Have the happiest Easter on this last working day.


Sorry – I couldn’t resist responding in kind!  I’ll pass this on to our Waste Manager is case there is anything they need to be rid of.

Best regards,


As Easter is a time for sharing, we just thought we would share that with you!