The Government’s recently published Brexit white paper has vowed to bring current EU environmental protections into UK law.

The white paper lays out the Government’s 12 “principles”, including migration control and “taking control of our own laws”.

Section 8.41 of the Brexit white paper states that “we will use the Great Repeal Bill to bring the current framework of environmental regulations into UK and devolved law”.

Section 8.42 of the Brexit white paper states that “as part of exit negotiations the Government will discuss with EU and member states our future status and arrangements with regard to these agencies”.

The statement has been welcomed by environmental charity Friends of the Earth.

Samuel Lowe, campaigner with the organisation, said: “The commitment to bring current environmental regulation into UK and devolved law is welcome but, as always, the devil will be in the detail.

“We need more information regarding how this will work in practice, and additional measures and institutions will be needed to ensure it continues to be properly upheld and enforced. The Great Repeal Bill must ensure that any future changes are made by parliament and not on the whim of ministers”.

Taken from CIWM Journal March 2017 – The Journal for Waste & Resource Management professionals.