In HV Systems we use AM Environmental primarily for collection and disposal of Hazardous Waste materials. In our section of the business we end up with some quantities of oil contaminated materials as a result of our processes. Obviously this needs to be disposed of in the correct manner.
AM Environmental have been providing us with this facility for segregated storage, collection and disposal of this waste for several years now and I’ve been extremely impressed with the level of service provided since day one.
The staff at AM Environmental are professional and highly qualified as well as being very helpful and friendly. They are in regular contact with me to see if we need a collection of waste. I find this very helpful as a reminder, if you have a busy schedule.
One of the things which impress me most with the service at AM Environmental is the provision of accurate and professional documentation once our waste has been disposed of. Environmental Auditors demand to see the correct paperwork and I never have to worry about producing the correct documents to satisfy them by using AM Environmental.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anne-Marie and her team to any organisation as they provide such an excellent service and take a lot of the stress and hassle out of waste disposal.

Mike Buchan
(Material Controller) HV Systems,
Prysmian Cables & Systems Ltd

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