Class 6 – Toxic and Infectious substances

Toxic substances are those that can cause either death or serious injury or harm to health if taken into the body.
Harmful substances are poisons of a lower toxicity.
Infectious substances are substances containing micro-organisms (such as bacteria) or toxins which can cause disease in animals or humans eg Salmonella, Lepterospirosis, Hepatitis, etc

Hazardous Effects:
There are four main routes by which Class 6 substances can enter the body:
ingestion (swallowing)
inhalation (breathing in)
absorption (through the skin or unhealed cuts or abrasions in the skin)
injection (injuries from sharp objects or needles)

The effect of toxic substances are variable but can be classified as either:
acute poisoning – sudden onset of symptoms soon after the poison has entered the body
chronic poisoning – a gradual development over a period of time

Class 6 is divided into two categories:

Class 6.1 – Toxic substances
Toxic solids such as sodium cyanide
Toxic liquids such as pesticides

Class 6.2 – Infectious Substances
Substances that contain pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms)
Substances that can spread diseases to humans or animals
Vaccines or diagnostic products
Clinical waste

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