University of Plymouth

AM Environmental provide an identification, segregation, packing, labelling and disposal service for all laboratory chemicals.

If you pack your waste correctly and appropriately, you are able to make considerable savings in disposal costs.

Our before and after photographs probably tell you more about what we do than if we try to put this into words.

In order to ensure safe transportation, AM Environmental pack using vermiculite which is inert and stops any glass to glass contact in transit.

We source appropriate UN Approved containers. We help you to determine your EWC codes, SIC code and guide you through the complex legislation.

We check the compatibility of the load. AM Environmental offer haulage on a dedicated vehicle or, to keep your costs down, we look at other compatible wastes in your area (to share the haulage), or find you a back-load if possible.

We scour the market place for the most cost effective prices. All in all, AM Environmental appreciate the size of your budget, and make sure that you stay within the law.

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