University of Bath

AM Environmental provide support, services and advice to Universities and schools, both in the UK and abroad.

At various Universities, AM Environmental provide an identification, packaging, labelling, segregation and disposal service for the many chemicals their science and environmental students use.

In some cases, AM Environmental provide specialist services, such as decanting over 8,000 x 2.5-litre glass bottles into 205-litre drums to enable substantial cost reduction to the University.

This also allows the University to recycle 99% of their glass bottles.

AM Environmental have significantly reduced the University’s disposal costs, not only as mentioned above, but also in other difficult wastes such as out-of-date pyrotechnic emergency flares.

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

AM Environmental were recommended by the University of Bath, and helped negotiate and advise the American University of Beirut with regard to Trans-Frontier Shipping Regulations, Insurances and how best to tender for the removal of their chemicals from site.

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