Highways Agency

AM Environmental work with the Emergency Services to assist in chemical spillages and clean-ups.

On 21 February 2002 at the M40 Junction with the M25, an articulated curtain-sided vehicle was involved in an accident, and lost its load of 1,000 litre IBC’s of a liquid containing Toluene Di-isocyanate. This was reacting on the roadway with another hazardous chemical being carried on the vehicle.

The accident happened in a central area between two stretches of slip road leading from different directions of the M40 onto the M25. The camber of the roads enabled the spilled chemicals to travel in two different directions for about a quarter of a mile.

The driver was in a critical condition and had to be cut from his cab, which delayed the Emergency Services in dealing with the spillage. In addition the pouring rain helped to catalyse the reaction.

AM Environmental organised the safe transport and disposal of the waste materials whilst jetting crews and drain cleaning machines assisted tankers and bulk tippers, to enable restoration of the road surface for the reopening of the highway.

As this is one of the main arterial routes into London, speed was paramount.

AM Environmental worked through the night to provide expertise, flexibility and a quick response to allow the reopening of the motorway before rush-hour the following morning.

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